Wine apps on the iPhone

11/11/2009 18:22

When tasting wine, I like to remember what I’ve had and what I thought of it. Since I am the proud owner of an iPhone, I thought I would check out some of the apps that are available.

When researching wine tasting applications for the iPhone, there were several features that were important to me;

  • Fellow user reviews
  • Cost
  • Ability to add tasting notes
  • Other miscellaneous features

I found seven applications that seemed to fit (or attempt to fit) my criteria;

  • Hello Vino
  • Wine Steward
  • Cellar
  • Wine Pad 2
  • Tasting Notes
  • Wine Words
  • iSommelier

After reviewing the cost, features and benefits, and reviews, I would choose to download “Tasting Notes.” With reviews like; "This is like having your very own database with the ability to extend it to track whatever you want. Search features are superior to other apps. The ability to extend the built in lists makes it very handy and makes it easy to add in anything you need to classify your lists" and "Great product and extremely robust customization" it seems to offer everything I would look for in an application. At $2.99 it seems like a good investment and one that I would be willing to try.

After I give birth to my twins in January, I’ll do just that and put it to the test. 

Below is a table containing the basic information about each of the applications: 

App Name


Avg. Customer Rating


Hello Vino



Find the perfect wine to pair with food, enjoy on its own, or gift as a gift. Hello Vino assists the beginner wine consumer with recommendations.

Wine Steward



Personalized wine pairings with a unique wine pairing algorithm, cellar diary, photo storage of labels.




A portable showcase of what's currently in your cellar or wine rack. Customize the look of the bottle or use a photograph and add information; brand, region, vintage, grape, price, rating, personal notes.

Wine Pad 2



Record the wine name, vintage, price, rating, color, clarity, aroma, taste and personal notes. Use pre-populated lists of category descriptions such as type, varietal, winery, region and pairing. Rate the wines you try. Store a picture of the wine label.

Tasting Notes



Here is how you can keep your tasting notes near you at all times. Tasting notes is the pan-ultimate appfor logging your thoughts on wine, beer, whiskey, cigars and more. You can even create entire new journals from scratch with Tasting Notes' customization features.

Wine Words



This app is for anyone who loves wine or wants to learn more about it. Open this application up every day and you'll be shown a new word that has to do with wine. Whether it be a city where wine is made, a type of grape, or a process which is used to create a flavor, you're certain to learn something new.



No reviews yet 

iSommelier will help you in going through the wine list at the restaurant. Select what you'll be eating, and the app will recommend the varietal that goes best with your meal. 




























 Download an app and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you.