Review - 2006 Buena Vista - Pinot Noir - Carneros

11/03/2009 19:33

 We enjoyed a bottle of 2006 Buena Vista Pinot Noir - Carneros tonight. It was paired with some risotto and steamed salmon served with some onions and tomatoes. The Carneros region tends to be great for growing Pinot Noir because of the moderate temperature caused by the fog.



Buena Vista's 2006 version has a bit of black cherry on the nose, the finish is fairly pronounced, and the wine is not very tannic.  We purchased the bottle at Von's in San Diego and would recommend it with lighter fare. It will run  you approximately $25.

In a rather odd note, the notes on the Buena Vista website about the wine mentions specifically that with this vintage (2006), Buena Vista Carneros started using screwcaps as the closure on its wines. "I am adamant in delivering the best expression of our vineyards. I believe this closure captures the pure Pinot Noir aromas and flavors and will deliver the best quality in the glass," remarks Winemaker Jeff Stewart. Either the website made a simple mistake and included the wrong copy with this 2006 Pinot, or not all of the bottles were screwcaps. Our bottle had a traditional cork!