Exploring Wine

10/07/2010 19:33

Our friend Steven Kolpan, alongside Brian Smith and Michael Weiss, recently published an incredible resource - Exploring Wine: The Culinary Institute of America's Guide to Wines of the World. In conjunction with 

You may remember Steven from his wide-ranging interview where he covering everything from Manischewitz at Passover to Spanish wines of the 1960s. You can read the interview here

This third edition is organized into five distinct parts.

The first part  is an introduction to the fundamentals (how wine is made, how to taste wine). The second and third segments cover wines by region. The second part covers "New World" wines, defined as North America and the Southern Hemisphere. And the third part covers wines of the "Old World" - France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, and Asia. 

This wine bible then extensively covers how to pair wine and food and even has a chapter on wine and your health. The conclusion of the main part of the book talks about a few areas that many people will love. And they will love it because its an arena that people want to gain some smarts - how to buy and store wine and how to understand wine lists. 

One of the segments of the book our wine loving friends enjoyed was found in the appendix - the authors cover how to read a wine label and show images of wine labels from around the world and provide a detailed explanation of what everything means.

We highly recommend this book and it would be a great holiday gift that will stand the test of time.