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08/10/2008 19:39
According to China's appetite's are warming up to some of the higher end wines.  Mathematically, if just a small portion of China's 1 billion population starts to drink some of the finer wines, this could dramatically drive up prices unlike anything we have seen before. ...
08/07/2008 07:35
Got Tannins is excited to offer our readers an interview with Ryan Sproules, the Vinter at Black Box Wines. Boxed wines are experiencing a renaissance. NPR's recently ran a segment on All Things Considered talking about the growing popularity and the future expecations of boxed wines. You can...
07/22/2008 14:05
The World Wine Groups is happy to offer our readers an interview with the author of Red, White and Drunk All Over, Natalie MacLean.   Please click here for the full interview or visit our Insider Interviews section.    We hope you all enjoy it.
07/21/2008 06:38
 The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Green Bay Packer cornerback Charles Woodson recently premiered the release of Charles Woodson Wines at a tasting at the Chop House in Ann Arbor, Michigan (where Woodson played college ball). The wine is called "24 by Charles Woodson" and NFL...
07/12/2008 07:44
"What wine goes best with Indian food?" "Can I serve a white wine with meat?" If you’re tasting wine, you know that food and wine pairing can make a dramatic difference in your tasting experience.  If your hosting a wine night, and also responsible for food then you have probably spent...
07/03/2008 13:39
For many of our readers in North America, this weekend is one of the best of the year. Spent with friends, family, and usually plenty of spirits. In 2008 we recommend our readers try a wine its likely they have either never had, think is too girly to have, or have not had in a really long...
06/29/2008 20:36
  The World Wine Groups has posted its June winning wine from the Sonoma Regional, Zinfandel.  Click Here to see the Results.
06/27/2008 07:26
 Readers,  If you haven't signed up for Twitter, we recommend that you do so. It's a ton of fun and it answers the question (very concisely), "What Am I Doing?"   @samirbh @Jensandiegoca   Cheers,   Samir and Jen.
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